Social media is dangerous

Date: 4/1/2019

By pinkstar16121

I remember I kept injuring my leg, getting these cuts on it from falling in my house and the first time it happened it just happened with no apparent correlation but the correlation the next two times it happened I had been on Twitter or some social media site right before I fell and cut myself right below my knee a few inches away from the cut I already had. I was bleeding and I called 911 for some reason and a paramedic came straight away. I was upstairs or on the staircase when she did and I thought she looked up at me and I thought she was just going to assume it was me who needed medical attention but my sister was downstairs and she tended to her although she wasn't injured and my sister didn't say anything so I finally went down and was like "you're not the one who's hurt. I'm the one who's injured." So the girl just quickly bandaged up my leg with a gauze pad and left. The next part I remember clearly was Selena Gomez trying to get into my house. She asked me to let her in but I ignored her. I didn't trust her and I think my uncle told me I shouldn't trust her. There was more that happened but I don't remember.