Tip: Don't Kill Cherry the Marrionette

Date: 3/16/2017

By abg72799

My thoughts are a little hazy, but there was a lot of stuff that went on. I was at school and I got in trouble for writing a rude answer on a test and my teacher was trying not to cry. My brother was selling sausage and we had to go deliver it to my grandpa, but he was super angry about it, so we just left. There was this video game I was obsessed with and it was a choose-your-own-path type thing, and people were texting me asking how to beat certain levels because there was one instance where you fall in a hole and for some reason have to choose between killing Cherry (a clown marrionette) or this other unimportant character. There was a tornado, and since my grandma and step-grandpa were on a cruise, we got to stay at their house, but I was stuck with my brother and he REEKED so freaking bad, and he kept eating all of the pizza.