some odd nap dream...I never dream with naps

Date: 3/1/2019

By livburnie

I had a nap just now and I had a super scary dream about me trying to get on top of a hill that was slightly snowy, only for one of my doors to fling open because of how windy it was, and some house was on the top and this couple was outside of it and the woman was crying saying "she shouldnt go any further" and him saying "it's not our issue!" and so I walked out of my car to close the car door and their big great dane looking dog was sitting by the door and wouldnt budge and it was growling, so I shoved the door closed and walked to the front of my car and slowly in blood was the words "all I had" and some other words slowly being written by an invisible figure in blood, on top of the fresh snow, and so I looked over at the couple and they were frozen in fear and then ran inside to their home. so I ran into my car and damn near reverse jumped off the cliff lmao into pitch black darkness again