green day concert

Date: 3/7/2017

By SarchuN

so my dream started with me and my friends being on top of a huge ship and we watched down the concert from green day and it wasn't that good as the concert was quite far away.. then we had to go to the lower deck for some reason I can't remember and as we wanted to go watch it back we realised we can't reach it as it was too high... so we asked one man to help us get there and he was like "you have a golden circle ticket for their concert... why don't you just go watch it from first line then?" and then it hit us so we quickly went to the bus and waited for it.. and sth happened while we were waiting but I can't remember what exactly.. after we arrived there it looked like a typical gym and there was a woman doing sth... I can't remember if she was singing or what but she was the centre of attention. and on the far left corner green day team stood but I only saw Billie Joe.. and his other band mates were different and I remembered one fat guy from the band because he somehow noticed me on the ship and I felt like he liked me or something... and we'll it turned out concert just ended as we arrived and we were quite disappointed.. bit we wanted autographs so we went to the corner where band was casually not trying to be obvious we want autographs so we hid behind the curtains and waited for someone to offer them.. and then Billie Joe I thibk signed on my arm and left.. and that fat member asked me to film him and he was doing weird stuff.. something between cooking and dancing.. and then another band member joined and all I remember before waking up was me standing there really confused and not knowing what the purpose of all this is.. oh and I just got a flashback from me laying in a hospital and resisting something... I don't really know what it was about but it feels like I tried to hide.. I think from my previous roommate in hospital.. I don't really know..