Plane Collision

Date: 3/22/2017

By Pacheco56

So me and this girl named Monique were walking together out of school. it was a cloudy day, sprinkling a bit. I saw two planes coming closer and closer together. I didn't think much of it, I thought it was a perspective thing. Suddenly, I hear a large boom, I looked up and surely enough, the planes had collided. Monique was horrified. I hugged her to comfort her, but I was still looking up in the sky. Then I realized that one of the planes was coming straight for the school. there was nothing I could do, So I decided take out my phone, and record. Man, it looked like something out of that movie "Knowing" when the plane crashes. it was intense as fuck! One plane crashed somewhere were it could not be seen, but this other one crashed right into the school. That's when I decided to go in and help people get out, I know it seems a bit assholish of me to not go in before hand. But I wasn't going to risk my life. Anyway, while I was getting people out the plane blew up right next to me. I don't think I died, but that's when I woke up.