Street Football

Date: 8/13/2017

By SHeesch26

Playing 9 man football on the street (literally). The dream starts breaking huddle and lining up with Walker at center, Mr. Schiltz at QB (in pistol formation), Clay as a RB to the right of Mr Schiltz, Austin K 5 yards behind Mr Schiltz, and myself next to Austin K. It seems like practice right off the bat because my first intention was to block Austin K (I grabbed him jersey at his hip pre-play). I blocked him about 5 yards further back, turned around and realized a Veer play had been called so I was supposed to get a look for a hand-off. I sprint forward with Kutzer next to me so I told Clay (now QB) to take off. He blasts off and I follow to block (and we're flying down a dark street) and these dark features are trying to tackle him and he's shedding blocks and I'm blocking a few here and there. Clay loses the ball at one point but immediately gets it back. We rally at an alley corner and talk about the play. I can't quite remember much of the conversation then I woke up.