nice white family actually KKK members

Date: 5/26/2019

By theysayimadreamer

ended up in some random persons house. really big. they welcomed me in as it had been raining. white rich family. father was around. mom. son. younger son. was talking to them. dont remember what we talked about. wandered around the main hallway for a bit. the son was cute but younger than me. i almost walked into him turning a corner. they eventually left except for the dad. i walked down the hallway away from the bedrooms. noticed dog bowls. i was like oh you have dogs! and made a right into the room where they were, stopped in the doorway when i saw a row of KKK masks hung on the wall. it was 3:41 or something and i was like yeah i should get home before my mom starts worrying. and started heading out. father followed me. i figured it was ok but knew something was up. he walked me down the to the street and made a left supposedly to the busstop. i was walking ahead and the road sunk downwards and it was a good few feet deep. deep enough for me to be submerged and struggle to come back up and out. he was watching this. and i tried to swim back to lamd but the current was strong. i finally got out and he had a gun. other suited men were down the road futher away. i walked back into the house. i started running. i eneded up upstairs and could hear monsters near by. i found a fire poker. i evaded them by heading down different doorways than where i heard them. i ended up in some inner sanctum with a big moth/wormlike creature. i killed or stunned it with the poker and turned back the way i came. trying to head back out the front door. saw the dad. he started shooting but couldnt hit me before i got him in the head with the poker. kept hitting him til he was turned away on his knees. then i kept hitting him til he was flat on the ground not moving. i picked up his gun and started to head back out the front. the suited men were waiting outside and started shooting. i went right and headed down a set if stairs so i was further away and started shooting at them. got two of them. it fades from here.