Date: 9/16/2019

By itsmegelay

Actually this is my dream yesterday, and most of you guys already have an idea necause of the title. I dreamed about my crush yesterday, I was in China that time and we are heading back to the Philippines. I was chatting with him like we we're so closed and in reality, we chat but seldomly. Until I've chatted him, "Alam mo bang gusto parin kita hanggang ngayon?"(Do you know that I like you until now?) He's been my crush since im in 8th grade, and now I'm in 10th grade while he is on 9th grade. I confessed on him 2 times. Grade 8 and Grade 9. I don't know who's pushing me to do that but I suddenly realize that I'm opening our convo and reading our messages. Back to my dream, and ye I sent that message and this is what he replied, "Oo. Matagal ko ng alam." (Yes, I already know since then.) Me : "Ahh okay, hahaha." (Hmm okay, hahahha.) Him : "May gusto rin sana akong sabihin saiyo." (I want also to tell these things to you.) Me : "Ano 'yon?" (What was that?) Him : "Alam mo bang gusto na kita? Matagal na?" (Do you that I've already fell inlove with you? Since then?) After I read his reply, my surrounding suddenly stop from moving. All I see is the message I've got from him. My heart beats fast just only for him. And then we chat, it's blurred and I cannot remember the messages. Until I woke up from my dream because my mom told me that our classes our suspended. I suddenly realize that he, he was the only one who got my heart, he was the only one that I can't get thru, he was the only one who've captured my heart until now, I love him very much that I can sacrifice my own happiness for his happiness. Even if he loved another girl, I'll be always here by his side, supporting my love, loving another girl.