Jeep, neighbours and children

Date: 2/17/2017

By annie2az

So it all began with me looking out of my living room window. I saw that there was a car on our driveway but we had no guests and we didn't own a car. I went outside to check the car out; it was a blue jeep (I would usually steal that blue jeep and claim it as mine) but it was all covered in big stickers. Literally? you could only see small pieces of blue where there were no stickers. I looked around to see whose cat this is and notices the exact same one at the front porch of my left neighbours. My right neighbour came out (she was also a woman who used to be a teacher assistant in my primary school) and said that the neighbours drove it here. Then the left neighbour came out of the house and said they've got no space on their driveway do they're using ours. So the right neighbour said that they should've asked first and I'd so they should also pay us for keeping their car (apparently the same thing happened to them once and they got paid). Then I was back home and the jeep was gone but there was like 10 kids sitting under the living room window sill. I opened the window and shouted at them asking why they're here. they all for freaked out and started running around like headless chickens. Some of them ran into the front garden we have so I told them all for that as well and afyer they were all gone, I closed the window.