Wake up

Date: 1/24/2017

By vicious_cupcake

I felt light, like I was on a cloud. My eyes were to heavy to open them, but around me I heard birds singing. soon I heard footsteps coming over to me "are you awake?" that voice even if I don't remember him still, he had saved me, kept me safe. I forced my eyes open, I was laying in a huge bed there were plants all around the room. When I pushed my self up to a sitting position, he had sat down on the side of the bed. "Good morning, how was your rest?" he held a smile gently on his face, I couldn't help but smile back. "Good I suppose....but where am I?" he just laughed at my question " your home where you belong, when you wake up in the other world and go to school there, your true body slowly slips away from this world" with a calm voice it seemed like he didn't want me to keep waking up in the real world. "What do you mean? this is a dream world right? I go to sleep in my world and end up here, how is this where I belong?" sadness filled his eyes but he just laughed at my words, hiding his pain he continued "in a way this is your dream world, just like everyone has their own. They end up in long hallways unconscious and wander into a room where their dreams play out, you on the other hand. Your imagination is powerful, you made a world in your mind that you vist every night, thats why your "dreams" continue." He stared at me as I tried to take it in, I just looked down to my hands and shake my head "who was that shadow being then? I have never thought of anyone like that" I felt like I knew the answer but if he knows this much he must know that what that thing was. His face darken, he wasn't scary just angry at the thought of the shadow being "that THING was the darkness in your heart, the dark side of your imagination." He took his hand through his hair but soon smiled at me " I'll protect you from it, for I am...I guess you could call me the Guard of your dreams. I keep everything in check while your gone." I just looked at him in wonder I couldn't understand why if this is a dream then why do I dream all this information he gives me, he seemed to read my mind and spoke up once more "your mind if trying to find a answer for all this, I just simply speak it." Banging started coming from the bedroom door, both of us jumped and looked to the door. Shadows were coming from under the door, and into the room. He turned to me quickly and grabed my hand "you need to wake up, if he gets a hold of you, your power will be his. If he gets you its the same thing as dying, you'll never wake up from your sleep." There was fear in his eyes but I wanted to be strong from him " Alright I'll try my best to wake up, Don't get to hurt by him. I'm sorry for all the trouble I have put you through" he just shoke his head and smiled "we need more people like you with big imaginations. You'll never cause me trouble, I fight for your sanity." He put his hand gently on my sholder and pushed me down onto the bed, I felt so tired all of a sudden. As I was falling asleep that last thing I saw was the shadow being come out from behind him and jump at him to attack. I woke up back in my bed with pain in my head and chest, my hand was warm like someone was holding it still, before letting go and coldness wraped around me. How strong Is my imagination?