Date: 4/7/2017

By Hoodie_Ninja

I had a dream where I was spending the night at someone's house and we were having a great time with my older nephew watching movies playing videos and ect while my younger nephew slept after we were done and I told my older nephew to go to bed because it was passed his bedtime I went to check on the younger one and his neck was snapped completely it was like jelly holding his head so I picked up my phone with my hands shaking and firstly missed dialed 911 and typed 991 instead i corrected it to 911 as I ran outside not to wake the older nephew I was crying so hard and the operator answered whispering and calm it set me on edge because I was a babbling mess over the phone I see a white dog with black markings on him like spot Bloch things there was a guy dressed in a bunny outfit who waved at me slowly in the night and a clown and they were all coming towards me and attacking me my older nephew woke up I guess and came outside to fight them off as I tried to explain to the whispering lady on the phone that there had been a accident and I refereed to it as a possible homicide and she said "no it sounds like a suicide are you sure it was a homicide" and she kept saying that and I woke up crying