F You, Springtrap and Marionette

Date: 1/24/2017

By HehePuns

A few friends I had no idea who were playing FNaF 3. it was then my turn and I put on this OR and entered the game. The setting wasn't the exact same as FNaF 3, and so did the characters, but I continued. Soon I noticed there were vents all around the office that I can close the doors. Very characters, soon I die after fucking up by forgetting that Springtrap was in the vent behind me. Then I've died a million times by Spring and the Marionette. Time skip, it's night 6th and I'm in a different room. I'm guessing that they wanted to screw me over since it's my last night(?). The room had lots of elevators which I can close, and soon the place fills up with people trying to kill me. It looked like a vampire girl was trying to kill me, and she was multiplying and I tried kicking her away towards the door so I can close it. Then I woke up.. Last words: Fuck you, Springtrap and Marionette. ~Date is unknown when I had it~