Nightmare 1

Date: 8/23/2019

By AnnieWin02

Ok so i know i will get my phone soon, but i need to write this nightmare down anyway so here ya go. So it started out that i heard someone just walk up and get into the back of my car while i was driving and i looked and it was a girl i knew from one dance class and recognized from school and she looked really normal and i was like ok? And i was going to some sort of like festival where you could just try a whole bunch of alcohols and there were like bands (not that i knew any of them) but all my friends were gonna be there so i thought i would go. And we were dancing and drinking and stuff and then the roof fell in, it was like from some sort of bomb or something and everyone from work was there and they were all acting really odd. Like Sam, the kid who is like super strict christian, was like making out with every other guy from work but like in turns and he would snarl everytime girl got close to him And it was hella weird so i decided to peave,. And then flash forward, i heard some weird noise, like very labored breathing, kinda squeaky, just all of the sudden. And i was like what the hell? And i remember in the dream where i was in this exact moment, i was pilling out of a parking spot in the tj maxx parking lot, but anyway, i look in my rear view window, and i see a figure, the same girl from earlier, i thought anyway. But her shirt was torn and her hair was knotted and tangled, and like i said earlier, there was a lot of labored breathing. And as I was pulling up to the light so i could turn left i think i was like im sorry, but you need to get out of my car, I don't know you, then all the sudden, she sat up from where she was and stared at me, and i screamed like hell. She, babe, idek how to explain it when i say it was the same girl from before but it wasn't. It resembled her, but now she looked completely crazed. She was pale and her eyes weren't sunken in, but the bags under them were black and blue so it looked like they were and yea like i had said earlier, her hair was a mess, but the scariest part of her appearance was her eyes. I cant even describe to you accurately what they looked like, but this is where i saw that she was crazed. She really just looked so animalistic, and then i heard a jingling noise, like she was fidgeting with something and i was like all scared and stuff and then she grabbed my arm and her hands were clammy and splotched red, but not blood, more like a skin disease. And she pulled it back and as she was about to bite my hand i knew, she was the one that had killed several other of my classmates, because I had remembered just then they all died, handcuffed to their car seat with a giant double jaw bite on the back of their hand. And i was like hell nah im not about to make it easy on this bitch, if it goes the way i want it too. And in that moment she pulls out one handcuff and starts to handcuff my hand to the bar where the head rest is. And i didnt even check the light i just hot across the intersection and turned left and petal to metaled it so we were going, ya know, all of 120 and i knew that intersection had cops in it so i just sped and wove through cars, trying to get their attention, but when no one noticed, i did the only other thing and crashed into a building but I purposely swung my car around so she would get the brunt of the crash and my car ended up splitting in two. Now, fast forward a bit and im in a third person video game kinda perspective and we are in a parking garage type thing and the cops show up and the first one is like ok, whoever was in the front of the car here (they were looking at the back of my car, or what was left of it, and a bit of the pale shape) we need to find, based on witness reports, things aren't all ok here. We need to get that body and take it to analysis right away. The in zooms out to a black, Ram truck and the other officer was like yeah, i saw it, looked like a pretty nasty wreck, hopefully we will find her soon. And they look for ten minutes, and just when they are about to give up for the day, i appear out of no where crying and bruised and cut up and with a giant teeth mark in my hand and then my perspective switches back to first person and i run up to the second officer and like hug him and he takes me into my truck and i try to explain why i crashed and caused a bunch of other wrecks and he was like ik, i was at that intersection, i was trying to follow you and signal to you to pull over but you started weaving through cars and I couldn't keep up. And i started crying harder. Flash forward one more time, and im leaving the police station and im talking to the officer and i was like why me? And he was like, idk how she chose her victims or why, but we will find out. And i was like no, why me? Why did i survive? And he was like ahh survivor’s guilt and i was like yeah, why did i have to be the one to survive? Did i kill anyone else while i was driving so recklessly? And hr was like yeah, one old man, but it was probably because he took too many narcotic pills a few months ago, and ,my mom kinda laughed and at this point i was racked with guilt and absolutely hysterical, and he was like it's ok, i promise. You were just doing it to survive a terrible thing. And i like swirled around and i was like whos to judge what is terrible and what isnt and whos to say that the only reason people murder is to survive, thats what motivates us all deep down. People who murder might be trying to execute what the voices in their head want them to do (no pun intended)so they can get them to stop, so they can survive those voices and then beyond that sentence began rqmbling on and on about stuff like that and i couldnt even understand the words cause i was crying so hard. And thars when i woke up. And cried lol.