Phone horror

Date: 2/19/2017

By emjaynehill

In the beginning of the dream, me and my boyfriend were at my house and we were talking when he got a call from some girl he'd been talking to and getting really close with, and I was fed up of him ignoring me for her so I left my phone and everything else at home and left. For some reason I went to meet two people from my school called Chelsea and Chloe, who were in a long queue ordering from McDonalds. An entire line of my ex boyfriends were there, their real faces, too. Chelsea, stood behind me, said: "No wonder all your ex-boyfriends are fat if they have a queuing seat reserved at McDonalds." We were wandering around all night, bumping into people that are from my high school, and eventually I decided to go home. When I got back, my boyfriend was gone but my parents were there, and they welcomed me home and said they were worried about me. I told them I just needed time away, and that's when I went to check my phone... I couldn't access my phone, I could unlock it but nothing came up. It was like it was frozen. I hooked it up to my computer to see if that made a difference, and it did. All my messages from last night were coming up - thousands of them. Some of the conversations included me saying "I'm dirty," and some other inappropriate stuff. I went onto my photos and found lots of pictures of this group of people, and that's when it got scary... These strange people, these complete strangers, had taken photos of themselves in groups in my garden, in my bed, and in every possible place in my house. That's when I started to cry, and I went downstairs to my mum and dad. "Someone's been on my phone!" I shouted, and my mum immediately picked up the phone to call the police. I looked outside where my trampoline was (or used to be in real life) where the group of people took a photo of themselves hanging around; I looked at the bed where my doppelgänger had taken a half-naked photo of herself and sent it to a stranger on my phone. I was terrified, I was shaking and sweating - and I woke up. In the dream I was having a panic attack, so I woke up having a panic attack. I was breathing heavy and sweating everywhere and started clinging onto my boyfriend who was asleep next to me.