Plane Crash

Date: 8/4/2019

By LdonnyH24

I had a dream that I was at work. I was in the shipping and receiving area. There was an ice cream truck outside the dock doors... Not a delivery truck, but an actual icecream truck with the music playing and everything. The shipping and receiving manager made an announcement over the intercom for the person that ordered the ice cream cone delivery. He then told me to go outside and make sure the ice cream truck didn't leave. I went out and told the ice cream truck driver that the person was on the way to pick up their delivery. The truck driver was really rude and grumpy. He scowled and said he didn't have time to wait and then he started to drive away. For some reason I thought I would get fired if I let him drive off, so I yelled at him and grabbed the truck. The truck suddenly turned into a fighter jet and started to fly. I grabbed part of the jet and it started to lift me in the air, but then it crashed and the pilot died. I ran back to work feeling panicked and guilty. I kept it a secret because I was afraid of going to jail if anyone found out. Hours went by and my conscience was eating at me. For days afterward, I kept trying to call 911 but every time I pulled out my phone, either something would be wrong with the screen, or I would forget the number to dial...