Date: 7/5/2019

By Irisamandxl

I was just chilling in grass, and then i saw someone running.. It was a weird and hella scary man. There was more people other than me? The man started chasing me. There was many walls and fences that i could jump over or just try to avoid while he was chasing me. Appearently, my mother came running to the place. She came from the shop. I asked her why she is in such a rush.. She said that she knew something like this was gonna happen, so she came as quickly as possible. Then she told me that if he chases me again.. Don't let him near the car. Cause the thing there was that he isn't allowed to destroy any car, or else we wouldn't get to a safer place. He went now chasing someone else, he touched the one who he chased, and the one dissappeared. He started chasing me again, well, he didn't touch me until i hit a wall. I was stuck in a corner. I stopped the man and asked: "what happens if you touch me?" the man said nothing, and touched me. I woke up in a weird boat. I told my sister and my mother about the scary dream, and they said: "wait.. I have seen that before, if you touch something red before you go to sleep, you will see the dream" but little did i know, i was STILL in a dream. Then i don't know why, but my sister and mother touched something red and fell asleep. I couldn't think of anything else than going with them. So i touched something red, and fell asleep. We were now on a ship. The same man was there, and also, there was a girl with him, as dangerous as him. We had our car also on the ship, and then i noticed a wall where was small pictures of other people. I asked my mother: "why are there pictures of people, on the wall?" my mom said: "if they try to escape with their car, and get caught by the woman or the man, and they touch the car, the one/s sitting in the car will die and their picture comes on the wall" i got so scared that would happen to us. So i then tried to be actually nice to the man and the woman, and then i noticed a little tunnel, there was broken glass. So i went in there, the tunnel led to the place where was all the cars. The woman asked me: "what are you doing there?" i said: "i'm just gonna take this broken glass out of here!" but actually, when i took it all away, i went to the car and told my mom to start it. Well, she said: "no we can't, the woman would see it." so we all climbed out of the car, and went walking at the ship. Well soon after that i couldn't find my sister, or mom. So i called my mom.. Well, she said hi, i asked where they were. My mom said: "on the wall"