Weird Hole and Ghosts

Date: 8/11/2017

By EmPemPooPants

My cousin wanted me to film a video for YouTube where he talked about food and then fell though a hole in the ground that was really deep, yet I live in a flat so the hole was impossible because we don't live on the ground, and therefore should have just lead to the floor below, yet this was several layers deep. He didn't speak loud enough so we needed to film it again but then my dad and brother turned the Xbox on which made too much noise so we moved the hole into the kitchen. I then woke up (in real live) because it felt like something circular and light landed on my head, but when I went back to sleep, I dreamt a ghost threw some balled up clothing at my head while I slept and there was a clue left, where on a piece of paper the date 2/2 was left and this for some reason was important I think because it was 10/2 (American layout, I guess cause of Twin Peaks) and I had to figure out what was important about the 2 and why the ghost waited 8 months.