Date: 7/9/2017

By Chant

In the original dream, there's a goat that grants flight powers while you're touching it. The dream starts with me on a plane in space that eventually descends into the atmosphere. I'm hanging off the outside of it firing a...laser from like my own body at another plane? It's a little weird. The feeling of being on the outside of the plane is very nice and exhilarating though. I fall off the plane eventually, while it's very close to the ground. I land unscathed. I know where I need to go to get back to the people I'm with...but this goat shows up shortly after and I start flying around with it? I'm starting to get lucid around here, but only weakly so. Controlling flight is a little wonky at first, and I fall somewhere with the goat. It's very irritable and it takes awhile for me to get it going again. After that though, the goat just kind of vanishes, and I'm flying in a dream now, which I'm about 50% aware of. It's extremely satisfying to control my flight and a surprisingly good time. I land on the other side of a city/town I flew over and the dream starts to take over again. I'm walking back to our base, but...I didn't put on pants! I just have a shirt and underwear on. Then a screaming cat from waking life wakes me up...