Date: 4/11/2019

By carolinakai

I was back in the futuristic world I described in my last dream, except I was myself. I went to university and lived at home, but I forget why but I had to leave and try to find a new place to live by myself that was between home and school. I think it was because I heard my friend from high school talking about it(in the dream.) So I did some research and found a really nice place. It was small and the main owner loved with two other people. During the time I was waiting to move in to this place I stayed at my friend’s house.(an imagined version from another dream before I ever went to it.) I’d been there before and the place tended to have spiders in the corners of rooms and walls(my worst fear). My friend’s house in the dream was really beautiful. It had glass walls and floors on the ground floor and the stairs were very close to the front door, but behind a glass wall. There was a walkway on the third floor (technically the second but I called it the third in my dream.) that also had glass railings and floors and overlooked the living room and kitchen and it had an amazing view of the hill side. I remembered my friend said they had a huge laundry room and they finally cleaned it out some and the last time I saw it it was piled high with old clothes. I went downstairs and the laundry room was a little bit better, but not totally clean. They still hadn’t replaced the lightbulbs so everything was dark except for the sunlight coming through the caged windows. I heard scuffling outside one of them and a crowd chanting “Fight! Fight! Fight!” I went into the downstairs bathroom, which was more like a small living room someone had decided to install a really nice 70’s style shower. I looked out the windows to see two boys probably about high school age fighting. It didn’t look to bad until a third the youngest between them joined in. Then real fists started flying and he got body slammed onto the ground. At this point I was about to call campus security when one of the older boys looked in and saw me. He said “we have an audience.” And smiled creepily. The younger one got up and the other turned and looked at me and they laughed a little then dismissed me and went back to fighting. I quickly looked for the street sign. The street sign said 129 on it. But then the younger stopped and said “nah man. She’s going to call cops.” I hurried upstairs to get my phone just as I heard them say “let’s get her!” It was all kind of a blur. I realized my phone was downstairs as they broke in the front door so I hid upstairs for a little while. One of the older boys said, “It looks like this guy’s got her under lock and key.” Then the younger shouted from another room, “She’s here by herself so she’ll be following feather rules!” Then I decided to run to the stairs and hopefully hide in the laundry room but they were all still close to the front door and they saw me on the stairs, but I was going up at that point...so maybe I was hiding downstairs? I think I hid downstairs then went up when they’d already broken in and realized I didn’t have my phone and went back down the stairs after they said I was under lock and key etc etc. I grabbed my phone as the younger chased after me(he was faster than the others). I ran into the downstairs bathroom and tried to pull the door closed by the younger caught it. Luckily this wasn’t a dream where I couldn’t run or wasn’t strong enough. I was much stronger than him and I could pull the door closed but the door didn’t have a lock so I ended up having to hold it closed on my own. I had my phone now but instead of calling police I called my mom, which makes sense because we’re really close and I always think to call her first when I’m struggling or scared. I told her what was going on and she kept telling me, “you need to get out!” I kept saying “yes I know” trying to sound like I wasn’t terrified when I was. Then she said “‘my name’ you could die. You’ll be killed if you stay. You need to get out!” I kept telling her it was okay while the younger started calling to the other boys. I heard their footsteps over the ceiling as they ran to the stairs but I still said “I know mom. It’s okay.” I started crying as I heard them all talking behind the door, then I woke up really dizzy and I couldn’t focus on the room. I could hardly breathe and got really scared for a second, but I calmed down finally. That younger boy was vicious. The older ones seemed like they had more of a conscience. Like they knew I was frightened because they’d had more experience in the world and didn’t seem especially interested in me, just causing general mayhem. But they followed the younger one’s orders no matter what and I knew at one point that If I was killed by them, I would’ve been raped also and if I was raped then I was going to be killed. Really really scary dream for me Symbols/elements: 129 - I realized 12/9 is my dad’s birthday. But who knows what the number could be... Fight Stairs Basement Laundry Spiders Glass walls and floors Caged windows Sunset Bathroom/shower Boys/men Fear