Really confusing dream

Date: 5/16/2017

By icantrideabike

I had a dream that I went inside my house and I saw Breonna and two other people in my parents but she didn't tell me anything but in real life I don't talk to her because she started using drugs and go to really messed up in a satanic cult . no joke. She tried to make me help her in someway get out of the stuff she was into and she told me that I am an avatar of archangel Michael. I have been avoiding her ever since and I guess that is my guilty conscience speaking up so she was in my parents bed and when I saw her I just said I need to go get some stuff I need to visit my grandma I will bring her a pizza I just didn't want to be in the house with her. So I called the pizza place and they were going to bring the pizza to my grandmas house and I would have paid for it in front of her for flat and I was in some sort of public transportation maybe a bus. And I fall asleep on it and suddenly I am Marilyn Monroe and I was part of a movie where I was the cool girl and I screwed over the smart ugly go to in the past and I was very sad and very lonely andThe man I loved lived in some sort of castle building and I climbed it and jumped over with a parachute. When I came to his beds and told him that I love him and so on and so on there was this other girl who turned out to have been working against me the whole time and I just excepted it and said OK that's fair for what I have done. She wanted his love to but I Felt in my heartthat. that he love me and I was stroking his head and suddenly the movie was over. And I stop being Marilyn Monroe and started being myself again and I went out of the room looking at Maryland stroking his head and thinking wow that was a really good movie really really good movie and I started walking around the building which had a lot of graffiti of Maryland beautiful graffiti but the building was abandoned and sort of creepy then I found out that they I had been sleeping the whole time and the pizza people he's called me like four times on my mobile phone and I was really ashamed I didn't know what to do because I wanted the pizza but I didn't want to confront them about it I returned to the house and I woke up