Groundhog and Vacation

Date: 6/7/2017

By ace200

There was a little Groundhog in my basement. I was down there with my sister Zoe, my Dad, and my Grandpa. My dad ordered me to kill it with a broom, but I wouldn't do it and said I was an activist. I opened a window and let it go free. I was then with my family and the Bleiler's and we were staying in this very big, enormous, vintage, cute, old house with so many details. There were tea sets and flowers and floral prints everywhere. A lot of dark greens, purple, and reds. My sister and I wanted to play hide and seek. We went to see our room, when Ari and Cecelia showed up and I got frustrated because they were annoyed and the Bleiler's invited them without asking us. Our room was huge with three bathrooms. There was then a Pirates of the Caribbean scene. I remember seeing Jack Sparrow, but I don't remember what happened. We were on a misty beach near some cliffs though.