Santo Domingo

Date: 8/9/2017

By Musicianang

I had a dream that I visited Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. It was my first time out of the country and I was super excited to see a new territory. So we arrive and we stay at an all inclusive hotel. When we arrive we have breakfast at the diner that was inside the hotel and the waitress for some reason was asking us for some sort of ID. So my family and I gave her our licenses and credit cards. And she looked at them and then looked at us back saying that we didn't belong in the country but managed to sneak in. After breakfast we go to the beach. We had to leave the area of the hotel to get to the beach and we saw some of the poverty on the island. When we get to the beach I take lots of pictures of the beach and the buildings on the shoreline. The beach that we went had very large waves, like about 6 foot waves, so it was too rough for me to go in. So I just unpack my beach things and relax on the sand. As I was taking pictures and observing the beach I see 5 men far out in the ocean just floating and swimming. Then I see a cute lifeguard sitting on a tall lifeguard chair watching over the men in the water. He was fuller figured, had dark brown hair with a side bang, and was Dominican. I couldn't stop looking at the cute lifeguard! Hours later, we leave the beach and go on top of a balcony that overlooks the beach. I take more pictures on the balcony and high tide was coming in. The waves were getting bigger and they were stretching out further inland where the sand was. It even hit the doorway to the balcony, so I had to wait until the tide went down for me to climb down back to the sand. When we get back to our hotel room, I look at all the pictures I've taken and just realized that my friend lives in Santo Domingo and I should let him know I'm vacationing here. So I snapped him a picture and then the dream stopped.