Date: 4/12/2017

By taramcr

I was talking to my crush. Me and him are good/close friends. He knows i like him and we talk often. Everything was going well, and then a girl walked outside. He left and walked up to the girl and started back hugging her. I ran off to my friend to tell her that i wanted to die. She told me that it was okay. I looked over to him and he was still hugging her, looking at me, and smirking. I could tell he was doing this in front of me on purpose, probably to make me feel bad or jealous. I kept hiding my face in my friends chest while hugging her but he called my name. I looked over to see him put his chin on top of her head and hug her tighter/closer. Later after she left, i ran into him again. He told me that she and him are kind of dating, and that she didn't want him and I to talk anymore. He told me that he did not want to talk to me so he could make her happy. I was devastated, trying hard not to cry. I woke up with tears on my under my eyes.