Astral Project in the Morning

Date: 4/7/2017

By Fitful

I astral projected. It was real confirmation type projection, not the stuff I do all the time which is ambiguous due to being so far from my body and can be confused with lucid dreaming or meditation. This was in close proximity to my body, the same room. I had woken up and not a single dream remembered so I tried to pull myself back to sleep, sometimes dreams I had can be remembered if I'm back on that cusp again. But there was nothing. I of course had dreams begin, cause I was almost lucid dreaming now, but got bored in each one and didn't follow them. I was trying to recall dreams I had during the night. --- I was dreaming, I think, about warm spots in the air. I was dancing about my room, my arms above my head. My hands gripped my forearms close to the elbows creating this square and I danced seeking warm spots to be in, my arms leading me like a dousing rod. It wasn't exactly cold in my room, it was comfortable, but the warm spots were especially nice. Only they made me feel really warm, almost hot. I liked it. Once I found one I stayed until it faded then moved to another. I kept doing this. All the while I was having a conversation with, in the dream it was my boyfriend, but this wasn't an actual person in the room. I just knew there was someone there and was able to know what they looked like and have a conversation. He was shaking his head, a bit amused by my antics and said he shouldn't have taught me that. I felt the chill, once, when I went by the window. It was cold air and I let myself go find some warm air. But suddenly in the middle of my dancing I became lucid in an odd way, as if the world warped and was soft and almost pulled you around by the mind like the air/perception was warm taffy. And I noticed in my dancing I slid really far on the hardwood floor, it was fun and I had a thought I'd like to do it again. And then something invisible pulled me, I literally felt it hook gently and controlled around this dream body and pull me across the room, from near my window down the long hall to my door. I remember hitting the door with my hands and it being cold to the touch. I was a bit exhilarated and did this curious 'let go feeling' and let it happen again. It was almost like my dream body had to give up control and almost fall asleep within the dream while awake too. It happened again and I moved back to my window across the room, sliding across the hardwood floor like I had socks on. Then I got a little freaked out because it felt like something else was moving me, something not me. I sat down on my bed at the foot, imagining being tossed all around the room by some evil spirit like you see in horror movies. The I was back in my body and awake. I knew immediately I had Astral projected. The interesting thing was in spite of all the dancing and seeking warm spots I was hyper conscious of my bed, as if I knew it was occupied. I avoided looking at it almost as if it were the fourth wall, in this "dream" I just looked everywhere but there. And the point of view was from my own self, it didn't drift out to watch me in the third person as often happens in my dreams. And when I sat on the bed it was the where the body would not have been, but perched on the edge down near the foot. And when I got scared, whoop gone out of it. Getting excited woke me up all the way.