Down. Dumbledore and Santa. Dark Shop O'Moths

Date: 2/2/2017

By Fitful

Three Dreams. One. I was a little girl, and much happened before and after this but what I remember is we had to jump into the earth. The entire surface of the world was ravaged by war, it was uninhabitable. The inside of the earth, however, was this maw of a black city build in layers. If you looked at it, the city looked like black teeth inside a giant worm buried in the earth. When you jumped you just kept falling, and falling, and falling. It was clear they had been building this for hundreds of years, maybe a thousand. When you reached the edge of where they stopped building that is when you found out the truth. Pull back white cloth and the leaning abandoned wooden boards and go beyond it. Two. I was in a school type abstraction and I began a movement. It became popular with the students. We were making a difference, me and my two friends. Santa and Dumbledore objected tho, and in a prank/deliberate act of sabotage, shrunk us. Laughing they said they'd change us back if we climbed back to the top of the tower. As we were tiny it was quite a feat but I was determined. My friends reluctantly followed. For guys they were scaredy cats. I welded my backpack to the metal on the window as we went. I apparently kept lots of tools in my bag. Like a portable blow torch. Three. I found a pet store near my house, it was a bug store and in it they sold moths. I was so excited I have been wanting a moth. In the dream I knew I have been wanting a certain type of insect and I kept trying to remember what it was but I was too caught up in the pretty moths to remember. There were moths of every size and shape. Even some as big as large dogs, flying things which ate their fellow smaller moths. But they were so pretty it was hard to find any ill with their actions. They were just natural. No evil or malice could be found, they felt pure. The shop was black not dank or dark, but black. The cages each had a moth in it of various size. The much larger moths ran around the shop free while the shop owner perused a magazine indifferently. I did look for bats for a moment, knowing I wanted a bat, but I realized I could get the werewolf moth and be very happy. I did find bat moths. I kept trying to find something else, even though I knew I wanted and would get the werewolf moth. I was so excited and happy I couldn't breath let alone make a decision. I also found godzilla moths, and a whole collection of fake moths and monsters which were digital pets made for Hogwarts. You know those old school digital pets, giga pets, or diga pet? It came on a Keychain and you fed it every so often or it died. Yes the shop had those, really cool looking dragon moth monsters, and godzilla ones, but they weren't real. I didn't notice at first because they were in this box packaging. I was disappointed because they looked wicked cool.