Ocean City

Date: 6/23/2017

By davestar25

I had a dream that I lived by the ocean. The highways were very futuristic. Atlanta was called Ocean City. I went to a huge party on the beach with Nattie, snoop, Caitlin, darries, jamar, tim and some others. We celebrated on a yacht. A bunch of Nattie's friends came. I started getting very drunk and Nattie told me to stop drinking. I told her no. She took my drink away but I took it back. I then went to walk and blacked out. I woke up in a parking lot in the back of my dad's pick up truck. It was morning. I saw snoop sleeping on a bed with two girls on the beach. Caitlin was on the ground. Tim was in a hammock. I was looking everywhere for Nattie but I couldn't find her. I was asking everyone for her. I found her car in a parking lot. I called her but her phone rang out. I went home and my entire extended family is planning on going on a cruise to Guyana. I packed my bags. Nattie called me back and said that she's on a road trip with her girls. She also said that she abandoned her Infiniti because she got a better car. I then boarded the ship to Guyana.