Ghost Hunter Phil

Date: 6/9/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I was a pro tennis player in the Olympics but I was technically a ghost and didn't know I was dead. Instead of Sam and dean being hunters it was Dan and Phil. So they devise a plan to draw me away so they can get rid of me. Their 'genius' plan is Phil proposes on the tennis court and then drags me away before I can scream about why this stranger just asked me to marry him. Then he squished a spider which somehow killed me. Anyhow, next part of the dream I'm on a rainy bridge that's like over the ocean and a car is trying to run me over so I'm freaking out trying to get away. Each time it rams at me it keeps hitting the walls of the bridge. I duck under and lay flat while they go back and forth multiple times trying to smoosh me, staying between the tires each time. All the while it's raining hard and the ocean is all stormy. I realize it's my parents (not RL parents, dream parents) and that this was who I was before I became a ghost. So I'm screaming at them to stop and still trying to get away. Eventually i manage to get under the bridge and I'm clinging Spider-Man like to it face towards the water. Then it was super trippy cause the water was dripping up at my face and it was rainbow colored and awesome. But anyhow, the car eventually flips, flinging it self into the ocean and I quickly scramble back on top and run across the bridge before the big hole made by the car breaks off too big for me to get across. I run as fast as I can till the bridge stops and I jump off onto a boat thing. I see land approaching and I'm furiously trying to get there. The ocean is really storming and trying to capsize my boat and just before I get to land I'm flung out into the water. My boat sinks and I frantically swim a mile to shore. The first thing on shore is a grocery store and it's got those big heater things over the doors. I start to rush inside but then have a thought. I'm like "hey this looks familiar I think that heater falls on me and I die" so I pause right before going under the heater and what do you know, it falls and would have crushed me. So I climb over it and my heart is pounding realizing I just escaped my own death but equally worried that this is now some kind of final destination thing and now everything is my potential death. I run around the store trying to find food and whatnot and end up buying gum, a coloring book, and a sock monkey hat. I check out and then try to figure out what I'm supposed to do next. I finally decide that the only option is to find Phil since he most likely would know what to do. Somehow I find alisha and together we are searching around this huge building and everyone has costumes on. Someone I recognize screams to me and I rush over to hug them, so happy that someone knows me. But then they say "oh my gosh your cosplay is amazing, you look just like that dead chick!" Then I look down and realize my skin is gray and cold and my hair is a mess and I'm like crapppp I look dead. So I rush up the stairs trying to find Dan and Phil's room in the hotel and find like 20 teenage girls in their room hoping to find them, but no Dan and Phil. We set off around the neighborhood trying to find them. Running down a side road we see something on the side of the road (I have no clue what they were) but I just turn to alisha and I'm like "oh that means Dan and Phil are ahead!" And she's like "what? Really? Okay." So we go a bit farther(we are on skateboards) and suddenly we are being barraged by nerf bullets. Looking to our left is Dan and Phil hiding in the bushes in their dino and lion onesies shootin nerf guns at us. We stop and run back to where they are, Phil is the first we reach. he looks up and sees me and is like "craaaaaaaaappp whattttttt. You are supposed to be dead!" And I'm just like "um. Sorry." And he just stares at us and we stare at him and it's so awkward as he's just lying there in tall grass dressed as a lion shocked half to death. Then I finally say. "I think you're supposed to kiss me and then I'll be alive again because that's how you killed me when I was a ghost. But you have to do it now because I'm still dying even though I missed my death. See I'm turning gray." (It was essentially frozen but with different people. And waaaay cringier.) so he's like, okay. But then it doesn't work and I'm still dying and now I can't stand up anymore and have barely the energy to keep my eyes open as I lay on the pavement. Phil runs off somewhere, probably to find Dan and alisha tries to drag me up the road(made of cement steps) by rolling me on her skateboard. It doesn't really work with the steps but she somehow manages eventually. Then, next part of my dream we are running around the same neighborhood but everything is decorated like Halloween and stuff. We see Brett and gabe in this tunnel thing where the hulk/frankenstein supposedly is behind this rock. We can hear it growling and roaring and Brett is like screw this! And throws the bucket of candy at the monster in the dark. Which then aggravates it and it hulk smashes out, meanwhile the entire block runs for their life. I eventually get to a little house and run inside where shawn spencer and his dad and Gus are eating dinner and I hide in their dining room. (I really don't know anymore. what is my brain.) Hulk ended up smashing the dining room and we all had to flee. Then there was something about I couldn't get people to see me except Alisha and Phil but I don't remember where we were.... Last part of the dream, I don't know if I was a ghostish thing at this point or not, I don't think so tho. we are in this weird live action video game where you match cookies as they fall down in the slots on the cookie trays and you keep all the ones you match so u literally get like millions of cookies (it was amazing.) and the way u win is getting these plastic cups that are mixed in and I don't know, you do something with them....but anywho, as I'm totally there getting tons of cookies and cups I'm also on like the 400th floor of a building and looking out the window/wall and see airplanes flying all over. Somehow I figure out that you stick the cups on the planes and they become passengers(it was like a video game, just I was *in* it. I have no clue how to explain it) so with my massive stores of cups I fill like two jumbo jets and I'm trying not to tip my passengers out as I am holding them in my arms...sort of...idk. Anyway I fly to my hometown and fly back which only takes about a minute and then let my passengers off. then I sit there and eat cookies whle smelling all the scents of bath salts being sold in the control room until I wake up. I have literally no clue what any of this means other than I watch too much tv and YouTube.