toy story

Date: 9/20/2019

By yaboiella

so i was a toy and then i was with some other toys like woody and buzz. and then we were running away together. we were cornered by something but i can’t quite remember, so we had no choice but to enter this room. and there was this man and we thought he was nice (he had a purple poncho), but really he was evil. we had quite a big squad and he took like half of us and then he did not nice things. i can’t remember what but i remember how i felt (very scared). so me and woody and buzz ran away together and it was so fuckin scary. we found a train and got in, then we hid under someone’s seat. i remember feeling really bad for leaving everyone else behind. then we got to this river with floaty things on and bounced on them to get to the other side. there was also a big inflatable swan and some spectator woman with a mic. the end :)