Resident Evil Neo, Trapped in a Big Public Bathroom, & Suddenly Imprisoned in a Tiny Cage

Date: 8/14/2017

By fluffytree

So I find myself in this video game world I've been in before that takes place in the realm of the classic Resident Evil games only this seemed to be one that I've never played before. Similar to the soon upcoming Sonic Mania game, it seemed like a modern callback to the series roots before it got all super action-oriented; back when it was simply classic survivor horror. I definitely been in this world before too in a previous dream although not sure how far back. It started off with me entering an old dusty house. It was dark and spiderwebs filled the corners. Furniture was covered in dusty lent-covered sheets and the wooden floorboards loudly creaked as I walked over it. Looks like I'd been the only visitor in perhaps years. Not sure why I was here and didn't question it but I quickly ran into my coworker Nancy who happens to come out of a nearby room. She's dressed comfortably with no shoes on as if she lives here. Guess I shouldn't be surprised since she acts like our workplace is literally her second home. She tells me something about how she's hidden an important Native American pendant that she just discovered has been in her family line for generations. She's not Native American in fact and is black, but claims to have Native ancestry. I... Take that with a grain of salt honestly since many black people want to believe that instead of the not so great truth of being mixed with European blood due to their ancestors being raped by slave masters, but I digress. She says she's hidden it in a small old tin box on the floor in the corner and wants me to make sure no one takes it. Not sure why she doesn't just take it with her but she must have her reasons. I agree and she leaves. At this point the "game" officially starts and goes from realistic scenery to retro PS1/PS2 era graphics. I guess that was the opening CG cutscene as is traditional with RE games. I start playing as I would irl where I just explore every nook and cranny looking for anything I can collect and any puzzle I can solve. There are no enemies just yet but I'm still pretty scared of what might lurk around the halls of these dark corners. I eventually encounter another person. Not sure if they're another player or an npc character but they find Nancy's pendant and collect it for themselves. It was a big muscle bound soldier looking guy with the same getup as Guile ala classic Street Fighter as well as wearing a beret. In actuality he looked like Krauser from Resident Evil 4 so automatically I assumed he wasn't a good guy. I tried to stop him but he unfortunately slipped past me. I'm annoyed I couldn't keep my word to Nancy but even though I'm not aware this is a dream I do know this is just a video game and not real. Also since it is just that it means I'll eventually get another chance to get it back so it's no big deal. I keep searching the house though. I soon run across my first puzzle, which is a small box sitting on top of an old piano. There's a tiny glass window where I can see a key inside next to an old styled clock of some kind. I can see several large gears through the window surrounding the key. Also there's a crank on the side of the box that I assume is the first thing I should try in solving this puzzle. I turn it clockwise several times and the top of it just opens. I turn it upside down and retrieve the key. There's text at the bottom of the "screen" that says, "You got the Spade key." I'm surprised at how easy that was. Anyhow I continue on until I find myself entering into an area that looks like a subway and has a moderate amount of people wandering around. I've definitely been here before in past dreams though cos everything feels so familiar. I walk into this room where a merchant is selling items from a wide stand that's in front of a decommissioned subway train. There's people all around him trying to haggle for the best price on what looks like scrap metal, makeshift melee weapons and a couple old rifles. I should probably buy something since I'm completely unarmed but I have no money and not sure how to get any either. Just then there's a loud crackling sound coming from behind him and the train begins to violently shake from something hitting it from the inside apparently trying to get out. I see a large tentacle burst out followed by a blur of some large squid-like creature as it began a rampage on everyone in the vicinity. It's tentacles had sharp spikes all over it which literally shredded people into bloody chunks of flesh as it swiped from side to side. The merchant was the first to go followed by several other patrons frantically trying to escape. I somehow managed to get away myself. Me and a few other people were the only ones to survive. We waited for it to emerge from that room but it never did. Must be the boundaries of its AI programming. Still shaken up I still wander around but know I have to find some sort of weapon now if those are the kinds of enemies I'll be facing. I get on a train but merely to explore the cabins and scavenge for anything I can find. There's people on board but I didn't think it was operational until it began moving. I can't get off now either and stuck here until the next stop and have no idea where that'll be. Moments later it does stop and I figure maybe I'm not too far away but I'm now in a completely different environment. It appears to be outside a small seaside port town of sorts and it's bustling with activity even though it's pretty late into the evening. Something about this location reminds me of a place I've seen in Final Fantasy VII. I can't think of it now but that's what was going through my head in the dream. I began to again aimlessly meander before I decided I wanted to head back to where I was before. I never like exploring a new place in a game before I've fully explored a previous one so I get back on the train hoping it'll take me back and not to yet another unfamiliar distant location. The dream ends at this point and fades into another. In my next dream I find myself in an unfamiliar building with this girl that looks very familiar, like I met her irl somewhere but I can't recall where. She might have just been an amalgamation of people I already know though. There's a couple other people here I don't know and there's a big bathroom nearby that has showers and everything. We go in to find that there's several cracks in the wall that has water gushing out. The bathroom is basically a public restroom that's as big as a dance room, all with full body mirrors and everything. Not the first time I've seen this sort of bathroom in a dream before and tends to be a typical dream sign for me too. The girl I kinda know is now in her bra and panties about to take a shower and next thing I know she's in a towel. I'm not attracted to her though and we're not friends. We're not enemies though either. She's just someone I seem to know and happen to be in this situation with. I just remember feeling annoyed by being around her because her personality is the type that creates and feeds on drama and gossip; the kind of person I would never be friends with. Now I'm outside on the roof of this building and we seem to have escaped from the place. It's night time and Spider-Man is here too, taking people to safely on the ground one by one. I feel relieved we're being saved, but I can't shake the feeling that something terrible is about to happen... I can't remember much from my last dream unfortunately but it involved me being enslaved by a group of bad people who must've been human traffickers. I dunno why they would want me, but they did and I was being kept in a small cage in a room with dozens of other people that included men, women, and even children. The cages weren't even big enough to where we could stand and the conditions were extremely poor. I still had on clean clothes which meant I hadn't been there long, but others looked quite filthy and had been there so long their clothes had become tattered brown rags barely hanging onto their bodies. I had to get outta here cos there's no way I'm gonna stay here THAT long. But with all the guards around I had no idea how I would escape. But it was my lucky day because minutes later there's a commotion nearby, a yelp from one of the guards, and then a single gunshot. I couldn't see too well out the side of my cage since there were others to the left and right of me, but I swear I did see one of the guards fall to the ground. But now I notice someone walking over my way. I can only see the legs, but looks to be a girl wearing jeans. She stops right in front of me and I hear a loud clanking above me and then the top of my cage opens. I slowly stand up to my newfound freedom to find a very familiar girl smiling at me. She's my dream friend who seems to have bailed me out in plenty of other dreams and I'm so happy to see her. I dunno how she always seems to know when I'm in trouble but she's frequently there to get me out of the worst jams. I climb out and we start to formulate what to do next.