space school

Date: 1/23/2017

By 16kcostello

There were these kids in space and they were like training for this program where they had to jump through these worm holes and all these others traps and stuff, some people were navigators etc. but their teacher was an android and the android part started taking over and there were two kids on the ship that were dating and the one was taken and given an implant so he could be controlled! And the android part of him made him set all these traps but he put a flaw each of his friends that were trying to escape would find because the human part of himself hated this cause he was in love with one of them. Just as they reached the last point and after someone had already died the android kid comes running he beat the teacher android and was able to disable the trap and then him and his girl friend had a romantic moment before they jumped in a room worm hole