School Field Trip

Date: 7/20/2017

By sleepygal

I had a dream that me and a bunch of classmates were going to a resort that focused on meditation for a couple days. This dream took place in Dubai in the future. It took us days to get to the actual resort. When we finally got there we had some sort of "induction" ceremony. In order for us to be taken in by the resort we had to wash our face and chest. I did so and all of a sudden an employee started to poke certain parts of my back. I never asked her what she was doing but it seemed evident that she was trying to open up my chakras. She poked at spots all along my spine and I didn't feel anything until she got to the heart chakra. Unlike all of the others I felt a small pinch in my chest. All of a sudden the employees and a teacher started to celebrate. I was rushed into an auditorium guy of my classmates and suddenly I was naked in front of all of them. I was embarrassed, but thought what happens, happens. I went into the auditorium and saw that none of my peers cared that much and actually congratulated me when the ceremony was over. I then went to grab my key for my hotel room and was put on a sky lift to my room. Please note that I was listening to an 8 hour binaural beat track specifically for lucid dreaming, although I had no control in my dream.