The worst nightmare I ever had

Date: 5/15/2017

By blankfoote

I dreamt this a long time ago but I can remember it like I had dreamt it last night. I was young, probably 10 years old or around that age and I was in my old house. In the dream, I was in my parents room, door opened across the room from the bed, lights were off in the bedroom but the light from outside the door kept the room visible. I was on my parents bed, although, my parents were not in there, playing with my dog who was on the ground. I was laughing and jumping around on the bed on my hands and knees while my dog ran around the bed. She went from the left side, to the right, and back to the left but then she stopped and was looking under the bed, not moving a bit. "Pinky, what's wrong, pinky?" I asked, as I began to peer over the edge of the bed. My chest tightened quickly as soon as I saw the hand(regular human hand) reaching out toward my dog out from under the bed. An overwhelming feeling of fear and dread clouded over me as I barely let out the loudest scream as I could. The hand shot back under the bed and a figure crawls out from under the bed to the door and stands up when my mom runs in. I notice that there were boxes in the room as I lost my sense of hearing to a loud ringing noise. I fell back on to the pillows of the bed and passed out. As soon as my eyes closed I woke up in my bed with one of the most traumatic dreams I'd ever had.