Date: 4/18/2017

By tiptipkitten

1 dream I was driving in the future so there was a bunch of cool stuff to mess around with but I was driving alone and with a mouse and a key board. So when my car automatically parked at the side as soon as I heard sirens I got worried. 1 because I was driving with a key board and 2 I didn't have a license. But my dad poofed into the car. He acted like he was there the hole time but was sleeping. He woke up and grabbed the wheel. Pretending like he was the one who was driving. but something happened with the cops anyway. My dad looked at me like phew. End 2 dream It started off with me and my family trying to find a parking spot in the mall of America. We went inside and for some reason I was in my Easter dress. Memory fuzz We left or something like that and then we came back. We got out and an Asian looking man said that we couldn't close the gates of America then my dad said there always closed. After that we went inside but it turns out it was a restaurant. For some reason me and my family was no longer there but I was looking at a character from a show I watch. His name is Italy he has brown hair with a single curl on one side going up and he wears a blue outfit. I think the manger of he restaurant was going to kick him out but he started begging. He said something like "ima country cant I get my friends to eat here? Then you will have lotsa costumers." In a Italian accent of course. The manger seemed to like the idea. So Italy set off to find Germany. After walking a while he ended up on a boat. He climbed up in it and out of nowhere an army wearing hats with long feathers dropped from the sky. Italy got scared and hid behind me (for some reason I was back) "this isa mister Frances army" he said "I coulda never mistake those hats". Some random things happened that I don't remember but we all ending up on a net above the ship and I think France was retreating. He yelled some cliche French thing, my mom laughed then he left. Sadly I woke up Dream 3 I was sword fighting with L lawlight from death note.