{1 Dream} Still Not Enough [Lucid] (Mon Aug,7 2017)

Date: 8/7/2017

By Sorrnin

I am in my room and I am horny so I go to my brothers room and I give him a hand job and then we have sex but Its not enough for me so I go to my dads room and have sex with him. Its still not enough for me so I go out of my house and start looking for guys to have sex with. I am at this building and I am in a bathroom and I start asking guys "do you want to have sex with me?" This one guys says yes so we have sex. Its still not enough. Then I am in another part of the building and there is a lot of people waiting to do stuff and I find this guy and we start to have sex when his says he does not have a penis. Then I realize I am dreaming and I yell out "all guys with a penis who want to have sex with me come forward" and a whole bunch of guys come forward and I pick one and then woke up.