Syrup Milk, Tiny Vegan Wendy's, Horror Musical.

Date: 2/28/2017

By Fitful

I was new to having left home and I kept going back home to borrow a bottle of milk. Sometimes it was Powdered. Sometimes there was syrup in it. These parents weren't overly concerned I kept coming home. It's like they were on their honeymoon. They just were wrapped up in each other. My father kept expecting me, and kind of grinned and twinkled when I came home each day to borrow milk. Sometimes I would have to search for them to ask for permission. They were always off having "private time" in different rooms. Their house was very magical. It was a large wood cabin type, only for the rich, and it was very homey as well as having everything. It was in a neighborhood which was perfectly manicured and kept only certain stores in town. The entire town was precisely mapped and built and maintained. Chains restaurants weren't even heard of. It was Christmas time and it was snowing. Inside our cabin there was a real tree growing, I remember hugging it. It was huge and it felt like Christmas. It also snowed above the tree. I was outside walking with a friend around the block and I found out they were going to build a Wendy's on a very small block in this perfectly manicured Central Park. It was going to be the smallest Wendy's they ever had made. I was excited because it was going to be vegan. For some reason in my head I assumed there would be a vegan menu. I was so pleased. There was a dream I can't recall which was quite a lot like The Sound of Music if The Sound of Music was a horror movie set in New York City. Everyone kept killing each other.