Lucid Dreaming

Date: 2/5/2017

By SelvJes

Okay so I saw Shane Dawson's video and I wanted to try because my real life is fuken boring. So I woke up around 4 am and I remembered that I wanted to have a lucid dream so I tried to go back to sleep. And as I had my eyes closed I slipped into a super freaky dream and I would hear Panic! At The Disco's This is gospel super loud in my ears I would also feel something holding me by the wrists and neck. I would freak out and wake up... this happened around three times.. when I actually managed to stay in a dream it was all weird. I dreamed about everything that Shane talked about.. about pulling my skin, floating around, looking up at the sky and I saw everything that he said I would see. And I was trying to control my dream by kind of narrating it. And this is kinda stupid but I said out loud "and then Sam and Dean showed up" and I saw the impala pull up in my drive way. Sam and Dean got out and completely ignored me and went towards another version of me. This other version didn't look like me but somehow I knew it was me. I was so confused. So I think I tricked myself into thinking I could do all these things but my brain was just recreating what I saw on Shane's video. I tried again last night but I just fell asleep and don't remember having any dreams.