Saw Justice League battled a huge King Kong

Date: 7/17/2017

By PurpleToxicDrago

I have kinda of weird or awesome dream. In that dream, I was hiding in the wood on top hill of the mountains and look down at long far distance. It is Justice League members that is fighting with really huge Kong. It's Kong from the movie and he is really huge like Godzilla. So Kong is stuck on one of sand that looks like quicksand that trying to drown him down. As Justice League battles him down. Kong tries to fights back by trying to smash them. I can feel the earthquake or rumble on my both of feets. Then I heard a loud that is coming down in the sky like fireball or comet. It was Superman that is coming down from space. He flew down with both of his legs that is straight down and hit on the head of Kong so he fell and he drown into the quicksand. He was buried. Justice League won the battle. As I turned around, it was Batman that was in front of me! He knocked me out with his fist. That's when I woke up from that dream. It is like Justice League is so prepared with teamwork! Awesome!