Bio mechanical

Date: 4/23/2017

By Alechku

Most of the dream was more of a movie type, I was the observer I felt connected in a way but also absent. So it was about the future where people are augmented and robots are everywhere and socially acceptable, and the guy that I'm following in this dream is the first bio mechanical being and he's super smart, so he is on a mission to try and make people understand how they can connect to everything cause if you can connect to metal you can connect to earth , trees, plastic, nature, universe, everything and everyone become a collective consciousness. But he has difficulty because there's an agenda of people who wants the people to be disconnected, they fear the mutual growth, and so they try to kill our bio mechanical being, and the whole dream is like an ongoing chase for truth and action, it ends with the being's surrender and in that moment he is unable to connect with everyone and to everything and evolve.