Water bending

Date: 6/22/2017

By vhpina

I was living with random roommates in a new country created within the US. The US had been split into 3 countries if I remember correctly. One of the nights I was showing people around the city and the good food around me, the place seemed to look like Lakeview Chicago by the lake. Not sure why but I was then part of a squad on a mission that I can't remember. What I can remember is that when we were all running down this long long grassy hill I was towards the back and decided that I wanted to fly because I noticed I hadn't done it yet this dream. I sprinted made a leap and was gliding about 3 ft from the ground staying parallel with the slope until i got to the front of the group. I instinctivly knew a way to make my flying take less of a toll on my energy so I began pulling water from the air around me and it formed a pair of gliding wings around my arms and I glided all the way to the bottom where I was able to turn my body and land on both feet on the Cliffside ending the slope.