Date: 1/21/2017

By esdot85

I was back working at UPS but was in an area I didn't recognize. I was using a handheld scanner to scan phones before they rang. If I scanned them in time I discarded them from my area, if not, I was to answer them. The supervisor (who I didn't recognize) and a small group of workers were standing around while I did this. I believe he was giving out assignments to the workers. Later on, I was at what I believe to be my mother in laws house, though it didn't look like it. I deduce it was her house because all of the family's usual suspects were there. I sought a private place to lay down and saw my son had written all over a wall in the home. I painted over it and went to lay down and my wife's grandmother kept following me around and her teeth came out of her mouth and fell on me! I was super grossed out and went to another room to escape her. When I found another room and laid down I put on a movie to go to sleep to and then my wife's aunt came in. Only, it wasn't her (or any one I've yet met)...she was trying to get me to sleep with her and I literally had to fight her off. She finally got mad and left and then I woke up.