Cops and Robbers

Date: 6/15/2017

By kidglovs

This dream occurred no longer than one hour after going to sleep 10:30-11:30. I affirmed to myself prior to closing my eyes that I was going to remember any dream that I had that night. I was in what appeared to by my dads pickup truck on the way to the Florida keys. My son and my dad were in the truck with me and we were traveling on the two way stretch. It was night time and there were buildings, businesses and light posts on both sides of the road. I was driving and for some reason, I lost control of the truck and we skidded off to the right. We went down a small ravine and ended up in an open grassy field. Nobody was hurt, so I hit the gas to get back on the road. As I looked in the rear view mirror I saw several men chasing us down while yelling and screaming. One of the men almost caught up to the truck as the tires spit grass and dirt behind us. He was wearing a cowboy type state trooper hat. In his right hand he was holding what looked like hand cuffs. I finally made it to the road and we sped off. The next thing I know, we are being stopped by the "man with the hand cuffs". I was now alone in the truck and don't know where my father and son were. He asks me to step out of the car and to hand him my keys. He tells me that he has to go to the restroom and walks off to a building. I tell him that we have guns in the back, to please lock the car. The pickup truck that I was driving is now an SUV. As he is disappearing into the building he holds up the key and locks the doors with a press of a button. I'm standing there wondering what just happened. A few minutes later three men show up drinking beer and behaving very belligerently. One of them pisses on the SUV. The other pours a beer on the roof. I run over to the building where the cop disappeared into and find a men's room at the entrance. The door is very narrow and looks like it was made with distressed wood. I rush into the restroom calling for the cop. He proceeds to step out of the stall with his pants at his ankles. I tell him what's happening and he states he will be right out and steps back into the stall. I rush outside again to find the back doors of the SUV open and two women taking out duffle bags. One of them is already about 50 yards away loading one of my bags into the bed of a pickup truck. I run over to my car and grab the woman by the throat. I could feel that I was holding her wind pipe. I drag her over to the pickup where they were loading the duffle bags and demand they return my things. There was a guy standing behind the pickup truck with a clipboard. He looked like he was taking inventory. He looks over to me as I'm holding the woman by the throat and unloads two of my duffle bags. At that point the cop arrives and the dream ends. From the feeling I get about this dream, it looks as though we were heading on a hunting trip. I don't know why we would be hunting in the keys, but hey, that's how dreams are...