Aleks takes "Flight"

Date: 3/12/2017

By Aleks

I haven't been able to remember how it started but I know it has me as my superhero alter ego ALEKS working with a Secret Security agency to stop a major sabotage or possible hijacking of their HQ.I and the agents of the Security agency push back and put them on the run leading to a pursuit for capture or possibly execution.We chase them on foot far off the base to a somewhat abandoned truck dealership where they have one of their trucks fielledwith explosives.We caught up and corners them.I,feeling a little cocky decide to show off my "impeccable" aim and end the day with a Big Bang.All the bad men were fully armed with grenades,so I took one of them,Armed the grenade on him and made an attempt to toss him into the truck with explosives but I missed,but then the grenade never went off.I tried with about 5 other bad men and kept missing.I did it again with another one but my toss had only enough force to take him about 10 feet back,and the unlike the others his grenade went off on his chest,spilling out his guts and killing him.I tried again with another but after arming the grenade instead of putting it back on him and tossing him,I tossed the grenade vertically about 50 feet high,I don't know what came over me.The grenade was heading down on the crowd of agents watching me it was right in front of the Security agencies director who it exploded but I was there to wrap my arms around it which contained the explosion(I was weren't gauntlets) Saving her life.You'd think I'd stop after that right,but no,I tried again.Luckily I made the toss and the grenade went off in the truck,setting off the Higher level explosives in it,which now that I think of it,should have killed us all,but know,it turned into fireworks and lit up the sky,I had my Big Bang.The day's work was over,the agents had packed up and went on their way,which left just me and the Director.She tapped my head,I immediately got angry for unknown reasons,but I pas I was questioning that action she pointed out that she was going for my shoulder but tapped my head instead cause I was short.It was then I realized that I Olalekan was the one in the armor not my fictional character Aleks.I and the director for some reason decided to walk home.We were headed home but it was to dark for the rest of the walk so we decided to take THE SHORTCUT,but we notice a bunch of little wild animals.Our options,take a long walk in total darkness,or take THE SHORTCUT with animals.Then I thought to my self,we don't have to 'walk' through it.I grabbed her in my arms and activated my glider boots and we glided about 50 feet high all through THE SHORTCUT to my house,where we had to land on the roof.I helped her down safely but as I was getting down I tripped,did a double roll and landed face first on the pavement,I wasn't wearing my helmet for some reason.I stood up unarmed then I thought 'Wow,if this were real I would have died,that fall was so hard' Hinting that,even in the dream,that wasn't real,and I want really Aleks End