Looking out

Date: 9/7/2019

By LaTasha101

I dreamt that I was in an office type setting and behind the office was my home. My friend Sandra came to visit me. Yet, in the office there was this man who I declined to rent a room from there with his same attitude. He then left the office. The front of the office had these big glass windows that you could see clearly through. I then escorted Sandra to the back where my home was. It was designed like a type of Christian center with different rooms. Behind there were youth sitting on chairs and talking with each other. At one point, I could see the bathroom that was designed with different stalls for women to use. Then I was on the room with the youth while Sandra went further in the back of the building to handling something. The lights went out and I could here some type of argument coming from Sandra. I do not know who she addressed, but as I went back to see what was happening by clothes kept snagging against a youth chair. This kept tugging me from proceeding. I tugged back and said let me go that's my friend on there. I finally tugged so hard I ripped my shirt. When I walked to get to Sandra she was trying to figure out the circuit board on why the lights were out. Then we both walked out. While walking out she handed me a plate of food she had in her bag and said girl I got you. She also had another plate for herself. As we continued to walk I could see in a short distance an adult person leading a group of youth whole were in a line to the front. Then the dream stopped.