All over the place

Date: 8/31/2019

By JWoDreams33

I was in my old childhood bedroom and was fighting with my mother over whether or not I should attend my college graduation. I did not care about walking across the stage to get my diploma, but it was important to my mom… But no one from my family was going to be able to be at the ceremony, so I didn’t see why I had to do it. I was in my room getting ready and was debating skipping to go drinking instead. Next thing I knew I was outside of some bars and saw Kelsey Grammer try to get across the street, but you could tell he was really drunk. I met with some friends and decided to go somewhere else instead of going in with them to drink with Kelsey Grammer. Then I was with an old coworker and he and I were waiting to get seated at a restaurant. I was waiting on people in the wedding party that I was with and he was sitting with another group. Then I was sitting at an outside restaurant a Mexican restaurant… Ordering food and the waiter kept telling us that the dishes we had ordered would take 45 minutes… But I didn’t have that long because I was supposed to go to graduation. 4:45