Lucid bear attack and sexy drowning.

Date: 6/3/2017

By meteovex

The dream started with me meeting a friend for some asian cuisine. It was a small dimly lit restaurant with authentic rice-paper doors, those little paper chandeliers, caligraphy, tatami mats, and dark green potted plants everywhere. The owner/waiter brought out large bowls of soup and asked what kind of "rice sticks" we wanted. He was carrying 2-foot long thin cracker-like bread sticks packed into a goldfish bowl. I said "uhhh i guess those are ok", and the waiter DUMPED the whole damn thing all over my bowl and my lap. Did I make a mistake ordering?? I promptly realized this was a bunch of bullshit and all a dream. I stood up and pushed my way out of an ornate wooden back door. My vision was going dark and I desperately tried to stay in my lucid dream by touching everything as I stumbled by. The sensation of touch anchored me to the dream more firmly, and vividness returned to my vision. Directly outside I was surrounded by some short evergreen trees, but only a few. I brushed past them into the bright daylight and saw a huge stream of crytstal clear water flowing around many boulders. The water appeared waist deep and blocked off almost every direction. The air was uncomfortably chilly, like a spring morning. I knew I had to keep moving and feeling sensations, so I hopped into the beautiful cold water. I took a few steps upstream and saw a massive black bear. Before I could even think about avoiding it, it noticed me and began to charge over the wet rocks. I fiercely glared back at it and raised one arm to block it. Saying "NO", I projected my will to the bear to let it know I was in control of this dream. The bear froze, looking at me with guilty dog eyes, but stayed firmly pressed against the arm holding it back. The problem now is that the bear has become a dream character that does not want to leave me alone, and would probably come back even if I conjured up some way to kill it. I don't want to deal with the bear more than necessary, because I just want to find a sexy water lady. I begin to tell the bear he can follow me if he agrees to turn into a less aggressive animal, but I have a better idea. I snap my fingers and summon big colorful plump carp and trout for the bear to eat. I say "please enjoy all the fish you want, I'd appreciate not being bothered right now", and the bear was very happy and left me for the fish. Back on track, I resume looking for my water lady. Searching does not produce her, so I begin shouting "Emily! Emily??". I do not know why I chose this name, and I do not know anyone significant named emily. Very soon after shouting this name, a thin blonde girl in jean shorts with a meager chest comes into view, standing in the water. She smiles as I grab her firmly by the crotch and lean her back into the water. Since this is a dream I decide to try pushing bdsm play further than I would want to in real life. Floating in the water, grabbed fiercely by me, she moans just a little. Her bare midsection is exposed below the thin shirt tied haphazardly across het chest. I decide to try punching her belly, like beating her up during sex. However, my fist moves down super slow, I fail to control my arm effectively and only sort of press into her. No matter, I press her entire body down into the water until she struggles to keep her mouth above the water. She gasps with desperation, but does not resist me. At this point the plan is to have some messed up drowning sex, but then I lose focus and wake from the dream. Rats! Oh well, haha.