Bees, cousin, villa and a caterpillar

Date: 6/9/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

I was in a villa, it had a lot of open space. I was with my family and my two cousins. Into the villa there's just one room that I visited. It had a grand piano with a flower pot inside, courtains and was kinda dark. I spent a lot of time outside. It looked totally like a place in which my sister asked me to carve an "L" for Ludovico onto a rock. There were lots of flowers, porches, plants, and there were also lots of bees. I am really scared by them so I was wandering around looking for a place to feel secure. My cousin was smoking weed under a roof of purple flowers. I went to the main porch and there was my sister that had been stung by lots of bees. Also there there was a pot with a caterpillar inside. I remember looking at it because it was coming out of a green shell or something like that.