Lightning as a Water Element

Date: 5/4/2017

By KimiSama

I was at a school for people with "powers". The student body was divided by the element of their abilities. I had lightning, but they put me in Water. I thought I should have been in Fire or Air. I was late joining the school so no one knew what my specific power was. The other people in Water bullied me and stole my shoes. I didn't feel like I belonged. One of the activities we did was a school-wide team match. We ran around a huge area with buildings and open spaces and we were using our powers to take out people from the other element groups. No one was getting hurt. When people were hit they were sent to another area to wait. My attacks were more like small explosions than lightning strikes. For some reason the Water group was wearing green. (It was more of a teal.) There was another group wearing green. (It was more of a light green.) They had boxes of explosives in their area, but they weren't using them. I said "I thought green was supposed to be for Earth" and walked away. In another area, I found a bunch of naked women laying as though they had already been hit. I knew it was meant to be a distraction strategy. I also knew that they weren't downed. I hit each of them and moved on. After a while, the match was over and my team won. We stood as a group to have our picture taken.