Rainbow Kayak Train

Date: 2/8/2019

By FloatingAway

This is a little lengthy so prepare yourself!!! I’ll try to make it as readable as possible haha x I was driving around this massive car park (parking lot), filled almost completely with cars and people. There were multiple levels in the car park so I headed towards a ramp to the upstairs level to see if I could find a spot there. I had just reached the top level when suddenly a huge explosion rocked the entire car and when I looked around to see what was happening, I realised I was actually parking on a HUGE ship, that was in the middle of the ocean. I looked up to see giant humanoid figures in metal suits shooting huge blasts at the ship and leaving giant burning holes behind, and everyone aboard was screaming. I jumped out of my car and headed towards a small sturdy looking concrete structure on deck where I thought I might be safe. By the time I got there though I realised that the attackers had left and the screaming had stopped... I climbed a ladder to the top of the building and looked around and saw the ship in ruins, and only a handful of people still alive. I ran over to help a man who was sliding off the side of ship and calling for help, but he was holding on to a burning ledge of metal and he let go from pain moments before I reached him. Some time passed and I was below deck in a room with the 14 (approx.) people who had survived. Most of them were panicking and being really annoying and irrational but one man seemed to know exactly what was going on so I stayed with him because he wasn’t completely infuriating. I went up on deck again with this man, and we realised we could see land and we were heading straight the mouth of a river. He told me that at the end of the river was a massive waterfall so we shouldn’t be celebrating just yet. The boat headed down the river at a crazy speed and every twist in the river sent the ship nearly on its side, and half of the people who had survived fell off the side into the water. We suddenly fell off a cliff, down the waterfall but when we landed the 7 of us left we’re sitting neatly in a very long rainbow kayak. (In the dream this was not weird) we kayaked down the rest of the river that was very narrow until we reached the mouth of a cave. We all got out of the kayak and dragged it into the cave where we placed it back into a stream inside. We all sat back in and headed towards another smaller cave with a very low ceiling. There was a strange eerie feeling as though we weren’t meant to be there but we ignored it because there was nowhere else to go. We all had to bend completely forward, doubled over, to get through the tiny cave, but the ceiling was still very jagged and when we finally managed to come out of the other side we all had cuts and a lot of blood running down our backs. We hopped silently out of the kayaks and started to walk towards the small exit that we could see, but something felt very wrong. We began to hear silent whispering voices, hundreds of them layering over each other and I knew that I shouldn’t look behind me and I shouldn’t run. The fear was making me nauseous and it eventually took hold as I looked behind me. I saw nothing but I felt like I had died and I began to run as fast as I could to the exit. As soon as I began running the exit began to cave in with massive rocks and I was trapped. (Side note: whenever things get too scary in my dreams, my brain changes it so it’s not scary anymore lmao) I got to the exit but instead of giant rocks trapping me in, it was really flimsy little twigs so I just broke out and saw a tiny little rainbow train on the other side, only the height of my knee. The man I had befriended before was on the other side wearing a suit and explained that everything had been a test and that I had passed. The people I had been with before were nowhere to be seen, so we both sat on top of the rainbow train and rode away. And that’s the end!! I haven’t had a dream this intricate for a long time haha, very exciting 😂😁