Stefanie & Malissa

Date: 8/5/2017

By fluffytree

Found myself in a room in some big bed. Looks like a hotel room. Anyway, my co-worker Stefanie is sitting on the bed along with some other guy I don't know who's nearby. I have a crush on her honestly but always too shy to do anything about it unfortunately. She way she looks at me and talks to me makes me feel kinda giddy inside whenever I see her; something I haven't felt in quite awhile. At the same time I heard one rumor from another coworker who heard a rumor from a different coworker about how she went into the hospital, probably for getting beat up again likely for trying to get with someone else's boyfriend. I take it with a grain of salt these kinds of things, but it's still in the back of my mind and I wonder exactly what type of person she is. This doubt comes out in the dream when I talk to her and she seems slightly flirtatious (or could just be really nice and I'm reading too much into it) until the guy by her tells her about a new Japanese guy who's training to start at our building soon. Suddenly she gets really excited and wants to know his name and phone number so she can "introduce" herself. It was obvious now that the rumor was true about her being the type of girl who's man-crazy. Nothing wrong with that, just not what I'm looking for personally. I felt pretty disappointed and dejected too cos I really liked her up until this. They end up leaving the room and I'm by myself for a bit until suddenly Malissa from my high school appears outta nowhere. I'm always happy to see her in my dreams and I really must've had a thing for her back in the day since I've been dreaming about her here and there for years now. She's looking really cute dressed in her school uniform. We all had to wear them at the school I went to. I'm not thinking or caring about Stefanie anymore cos all I wanna do is get as close as I possibly can to her. I notice that guy is back but he quickly leaves out again and we have the room completely to ourselves. She's just watching TV so I get in bed next to her. Not too close as to make her think I'm trying to try something on her, but enough to where she has personal space. We just watch TV for awhile but the ac is on and it's cold so she and I both cover up with the same blanket. At this point I figure I should try and scoot closer to her. She seems undisturbed and okay with it so I go in even closer. Eventually my skin is touching hers and I can feel her warmth. I do some weird thing where I pretend to lose my balance as if we were on a bus or train that was turning and I lean into her a bit while at the same time making my arm fall into her lap and crossing over hers. It's really ridiculous and I'm surprised she doesn't push me away but I keep trying more and more. Now I start lightly grazing her arm and hand with mine until I see she's okay with it and then I go onto begin massaging them. I end up apparently turning her on cos her eyes are closed and she's lightly moaning in ecstacy. 'Yes! Yes! Yes!!' I remember thinking. Now I finally had the permission I needed to start getting into the heavier stuff. I end up moving around to her back where I massage and caress it while moving up to her neck where I lightly kiss the back of it. "What was that?" she asks. But I just keep going and she realizes I'm kissing her. After a minute of doing that I slowly get to her face where I kiss her lips too. She kisses me back but then pulls back in reluctance. "We really shouldn't," she says, "I mean this room is for high school seniors to come and hang out. I don't want people to start using it as a make out room.." I'm surprised at the fact that she's the type to follow the rules like that. I forget she was the principal's daughter though. I reassure her that it's okay but I wanna really continue. I ask her if maybe we can get back to it but perhaps somewhere else in the room or bed. She agrees and says it's okay as long as it's not on the left side of the bed or room. So I pick her up and carry her to the right side where I was sitting before and we get back to it. We're making out really heavily now and I'm wondering if we'll be able to go any further than this. Probably not since she's probably a really by-the-book Christian, but I keep wishing we could anyway. Everything felt so real though. Her lips were so soft and wet and every sensation from a real kiss was present. All up until I woke up to my alarm. Crap.