Date: 4/14/2017

By darlah

there was a lot of stuff? first i went to a drug store as noodle looking for gorillaz stuff? then i was in this book series and i summoned this evil 666 bug pokemon and everyone had to leave but all of the means of transportation were very small busses covered in plants. next, to get away we went to an ocean. in the ocean there was a house, a dog, and a lady. i held onto the dog and said hi to the lady. everyone went inside the house. the waves went up really dramatically almost like spikes. there was a hint that this story was in someones head and not real. there was a part showing the persons real life and how what relates to the story in their head. they had a doll. there were 3 monkeys and santa outside their window. in the story everyone met mr and ms claus and attempted to head to this huge building via sleigh to sing carols but everything was upside down